Leak Detection

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Dangers of Leakage

Pipes in your home should not leak whether they transport wastewater or clean water. The worse leaks are leaks that you can not see or hear. The leaks have done the damage before you find them. Leaks can be dangerous if left alone. Learn more about how leaks can be dangerous and how Wet Plumber can detect and fix them.

Let’s start with the obvious. Whether the family pool is leaking or you have kitchen sink leakage, your utility bill is going to spike. Even if you are not using the water, you still have to pay for the water that is leaking. Also, if you notice a difference in your water bill, it is a good sign that you may have a hidden leak.

Another danger is mold and mildew. Mold and mildew thrive in wet environments. Not only can they cause damage to many materials within the home, but they can also cause health issues. Mold and mildew are particularly a problem when it comes to hidden leaks.
Leaks can cause structural damage. Wood will begin to rot if left wet for a long time. The paint will bubble and peel and metal will corrode.

Pests can become a problem too. They love to live in moist environments. Pests can also make homes in damaged wood.

What is a Leak Detection Test?

A leak detection test is a way to determine if there is a leak in the pipelines. Most tests are non-invasive and take a short amount of time. There are several types of leak test. Pressurized gases, radio waves, acoustic methods, or spectrometry are used to check the integrity of pipes. Wetplumber Houston will find the most effective and inexpensive leak detection method for you.

The main signs of a leak that can be detected by hardware are:

  • pressure change;
  • temperature change;
  • the appearance of third-party sound vibrations;
  • change in the electromagnetic field.

Who Needs A Leak Test and When To Get One?

Several clues can help determine if you need a leak test. First, is the water bill extremely high? This can indicate a leak. Do you have hot spots on your floor? If you do, you could have a hot water leak. Also, if you have discovered that your cat and dog are suddenly sleeping in a new location, check to see if that floor space is warm. This too could mean you have a leak.

Do you have a musty smell in areas that never had before or signs of mold? This is because of moisture, which could come from a leak. Are puddles forming in locations inside and out that you cannot explain? A leak is probably the cause. If the answer is yes to any of the situations, it is important to schedule a leak test with the best plumbers in Houston.

Ways And Methods of Leak Detection

Back in the day, plumbers would have to dig up the property to locate and stop water leak. Not only did this take time, but it also left an enormous mess. However, thanks to modern technology, that is no longer the case. Expert leak detectors have several pieces of leak detection equipment that allow them to find and fix leaks without causing other damage to the home or property. There are several methods used to find leaks.

  • Pressure Measuring
  • Video Detection
  • Acoustic Method
  • Sampling

Video cameras are used to determine if there are sewer and inline drain problems. A camera, infrared cameras are used most often, placed in roof vents and toilet drains. The cameras can tell the condition of the pipes, and if there are breaks, clogs, or other problems. Cameras can pick up minor problems before they escalate into larger ones.

Another method of water leak detection is to perform a hydrostatic pressure test. This test will help to determine if there are any problems in the underground plumbing. The test itself is fairly simple. They place an inflatable ball into the home’s or building mainline sewer clean out and once in place, it is inflated. The inflated ball obstructs the line. Next, they fill the system with water. The goal is to have the water reach the slab level. If it cannot reach that level, there is a leak. Once the water reaches the slab level, they observe it for 20 minutes. If the water level goes down in those 20 minutes, then a leak has been detected.

Slab leak detection requires the use of several pieces of equipment. Cameras, static pressure testing, line tracing can all be used to pinpoint the exact location of the leak. Besides finding the slab leak, leak detection equipment can even determine the number of fluids that are escaping underneath the slab.

Technicians use listening devices to determine if a leak is present in the waterlines. If it is determined that a leak is present, then a line tracer will find the leak’s exact location. They use digital devices in complex systems to determine if there are multiple leaks. They use an amplifier so technicians can actually hear the leaks.

The static leak method uses a mix of a camera and hydrostatic pressure testing. Cameras are first used to determine the best location to see the sewer system. They place the inflatable balls into the system to find the leak’s exact location.

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