Emergency Plumbing Services In Houston, TX

Emergency Plumbing Services In Houston

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Many times you are at home thinking about what would happen if you had a breakdown on a holiday or a weekend and do not know what to do to solve this plumbing emergency, to help you with your problem there are numerous plumbing services in Houston, but do you know how much it can cost you on a non-working day or what requirements you should consider before calling them? We tell you below:

Aspects to take into account in the event of a plumbing emergency

When you have a plumbing emergency, it is necessary to take into account a series of aspects so that when the plumber arrives at your home you know how to act and how much it will cost you to fix the breakdown, as well as the labor.

What can be the value of a breakdown?

First of all, we must value the importance of the breakdown. The plumbers 24 hours are to help you at any time, but you must take into account if the problem you have is very urgent or instead you could wait, in case it was a weekend or at night, to a working day or in the morning because the rates change completely as follows:

Daytime rates. Within business hours on weekdays,

Special daytime rates. Outside business hours, on weekdays and weekends, and

Night rates. Those that take place on holidays or weekends.

Consult your home insurance

Before requesting a plumbing emergency in desperation, we advise you to consult your home insurance, since in some cases, some policies have a 24-hour service which you do not know. If you skip this step, the only thing you are going to do is anything but make use of your insurance, which means that you will have to pay money for the repair of a breakdown that you could have saved. In the event that you consult your policy and the existence of a 24-hour plumbing service is not contemplated, it is advisable to call Customer Service to clarify any doubts and to help you make the right decision.

What is the cost of a 24 hour plumbing service fee?

In the event that the previous step has not been favorable, you will have to call the 24 hour plumbing services that you find in any service page, which usually does not explain in detail how much it will cost you the visit of this specialist to your home. Therefore, at the time of making the telephone consultation with the plumber, he must answer in a clear and detailed way and you must be as explicit as you can about the problem. You have to avoid that at the time of payment, the bill is increased and you are charged for things that you had not been told. It is necessary to take into account all the factors, beginning by the displacement and the hand the hand and also the related thing to the breakdown, that is to say, substitution of the materials that have been broken, like pipes, cisterns, septic tanks…etc.  It is advisable to make more than one call to different emergency plumbers, so that you can get a comparative and choose the option that best suits.

Emergency plumber near me: what should you know?

The emergency plumber must offer you a detailed estimate of what it will cost to fix the problem, that is to say, including travel, labor and replacement of parts in the case that it is necessary to carry it out. If there is any extra for being a holiday or nighttime, he must also let you know before you decide whether to hire him or not.

The validity of these budgets, according to the law, is of one month. This means that you have one month to decide if you want this plumber to be the one chosen for the plumbing emergency of your home or if you decide to continue consulting until the budget fits what you are looking for.

Issuance of an invoice

When the repair of the breakdown in you home is finished, you must demand an invoice, which will allow you to have three months of guarantee from that day in case the breakdown persists or you have not achieved what was intended.  At the time of payment, the invoice that you are shown after the repair of the plumbing emergency must match the budget previously provided by the plumber. This means that in the event that you see the bill increased by something you do not know you must demand the return of the same. Unless there has been a setback that was not expected. But in this case you must be previously warned that your bill will be increased.

What does the cost of an emergency plumbing service depend on?

The cost of hiring an emergency plumber in an extraordinary way may vary with respect to the hiring of an ordinary service.

The price of the service can be increased by multiple factors, among them by the nocturnality, displacement. The service may be more expensive for this reason, with respect to what is normally charged. The quality of the breakdown must also be taken into account.

Another aspect that you must take into account is the distance or displacement of the plumber before the urgency. There are companies that charge a fixed price, but usually if you move away from the headquarters for some reason they can increase the price for each kilometer that they will travel more with respect to the established fixed price. This usually happens on weekends or holidays, but it is convenient to clarify it previously to avoid misunderstandings.

What is considered a plumbing emergency

  • Dripping faucets;
  • Bathroom or sink faucet replacement;
  • Water leaks in one or more faucets;
  • Clogged drain pipes;
  • Repair of toilet cistern due to water leaks.

How much does emergency plumbing cost?

Approximate cost of the most common breakdowns:

Below you are going to make a list of a breakdown-price ratio of what a plumbing emergency service could cost you, taking into account the most common breakdowns in any home.

It is always important to note that these rates presented in this post are reference prices and do not necessarily coincide with final prices, because the only real prices, therefore valid, are those applied by the technician in each particular service assuming the customer to accept such prices to each budget.

Labor: it can cost between $100 and $30, depending on whether it is a working day or an extraordinary day such as a weekend or a holiday.

Location of the breakdown: They can charge you between $48 and $30 depending on whether it is necessary to make some kind of break in walls or floors to locate the turning point of the breakdown.

Toilet cisterns: Around $36, but as mentioned above, if you call for emergency plumbing on a Sunday the price will increase.

Change of hoses or valves: The replacement of these parts is between $46 and $30.

Replacement of some parts for others: The price is between $127 and $109, depending on the complexity of the part to be changed.

Repair of pipes: The approximate cost is between $70 and $36, depending on the meters to be repaired.

Dismantling of furniture: In the event that we have to dismantle a piece of furniture in the bathroom, kitchen or that is located somewhere that prevents the plumber to easily perform the plumbing emergency, you will also be charged. The cost is approximately $71.

Repairs such as welding or drain changes will cost between $43 and $30.

Unblocking of pipes: This can cost between $120 and $73, depending on the location of the clog and its complexity.

Change of a stopcock: From $66.

These are some of the most common breakdowns that can lead us to have to call an emergency plumber at any time.

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